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Our trainers deliver Results Fast!
We have over 25 instructors across California ready to serve you. Our highly experienced trainers will change your life forever and our #1 goal is to see you grow and succeed. So wipe those tears and get rid of your fears as your Privateers Trainers are here! Join us today to start your Privateers journey to a better, faster and stronger life of Swimming/Fitness.
*Please note, not all instructors are listed below.

Andrew: Speed and Agility Trainer


Andrew has been a trainer for over 11 years while participating in training in football and boxing. In 2004 he was registered with USA boxing and fought on the boxing team of Hayward, CA and also trained and competed in mixed martial arts. Andrew works with all types of athletes and anyone looking to move and perform better, while improving their footwork, speed, agility and coordination. In 2009 he got his NCEP Training Certification and has helped thousands of people all over the Bay Area ever since. From the beaches of San Francisco to the hills of Los Gatos, Andrew is the number Personal Trainer for you!


Alec has been spending time around pools his entire life. Starting swimming at a young age in his grandmothers pool and continuing to become a decorated aquatic athlete. Alec has spent time at Division 1 Grand Canyon University as well as West Valley College, where he was named Coast Conference swimmer of the year and team MVP. Alec has a passion for passing on the life skills he has learned through swimming to the next generation. With 3.5 years of teaching experience Alec is a great option to help you reach your goals in the water, no matter how big or small 


Language Spoken: English



Kelly grew up in Fremont, CA and started swimming on Mission HIghlands Swim Team at the age of 8yrs old where she swam for 12yrs straight. Her father was the coach and still is after 38yrs. Here is where she began teaching and Mastering the arts of Swimming/Coaching! She LOVES working with kids and adults in teaching the important fundamentals/techniques of swimming while also making them become water safe. She has 20+yrs in teaching and has never had a client who 'didnt' learn from her. She has a hundred percent streak and  she will not let you break it!


Languages Spoken: English and Spanish 

Rhett- Serving San Diego, CA

Rhett first experienced the water when he was 2 and has not separated from it since. He was self taught until he joined his high school’s swim team where he made Varsity his first year and also played Water Polo. Following high school, Rhett became a lifeguard and swim instructor where he taught kids and adults alike learning how to swim for the first time. He went on to join the U.S. Navy; following his honorable discharge he became a swim coach with San Benito Aquatics-a USA youth Swim Team in Hollister, Ca. During his tenure there he taught and coached over 350 children and adults how to swim from the very beginning all the way to the minute details of technique for the advanced swimmer. All of his clients tell us that he is personable and very understanding. His teaching style adjusts for each individual client and he pushes our clients to be better than they thought possible.


Language Spoken: English



Elara is one of our Elite swimming instructors that will leave you with a smile after each lesson. She loves helping people reach beyond their goals and brings a contagiously high spirit to every lesson! Whether your trying swimming for the first time or working on fine-tuning your strokes, she will deliver and get you where you want to go! So come join the Privateers team and let Elara change your life forever!


Languages Spoken: English.



A swim instructor and lifeguard trained in advanced lifesaving techniques. He excells at teaching children and also enjoys teaching adults. He began teaching swimming 12 years ago and has mastered techniques to advance his students quickly. He comes from an engineering background which helps many of his adult students understand the true mechanics behind swimming and fitness, FASTER!


Languages Spoken: English.


Paulina, just like the rest of our Privateers trainers, is a terrific instructor! While being great with all ages, ranging from toddlers to adults, Paulina will teach your entire family the important fundamentals of swimming and make it a fun learning experience along the way! She has been developing her teaching skills for over 6+ years now and is not stopping anytime soon. With Privateers she has been able to expand her clientele and deliver excellance to all! So sign up today and she will help conquer your fear of the water or help you advance it like you have always wanted!


Languages: English



Nikko is an awesome instructor. He first wanted to learn how to swim after a trip to the aquariam at age of 5. He learned and mastered his strokes at a young age and began teaching in his teens. He has grown up around the water his entire life and has now been instructing swimming the past 10 years. He is great with both children and adults while still making the lesson fun/challenging!



Hannah has been a swim instructor for over 9+years now and is moving into Privateers 5th season. She started swimming at the age of 4 and has never left the water life ever since. By swimming competitively for 10+yrs she has gained the knowledge on how to teach everyone whichever stroke they wish to learn. From Butterfly to Freestyle, Hannah will get you swimming from beginner level to the competitive levels! Arrange a weekly schedule with Hannah today and she will take you above and beyond your goals!


Languages Spoken: English and Spanish


Allie is one of our Master trainers who has now been teaching for over 10+years. She works with all ages, from toddlers to adults and can even teach you the art of Water Polo. She is currently attending West valley College and currently plays for West Valleys Women's Water Polo team! In her years, she has taught a plethora of students on how to swim. From toddlers to beginners and even first time adults, Allie knows how to teach anyone on how to swim. Whether your a newbie or trying to become an advanced swimmer, book Allie today and you will get the results you have been seaking for! 


Ruth is an outstanding teacher with years of experience teaching babies, children and adults how to swim. She makes each student comfortable in the water with a gentle approach, while also helping the student become self aware of their movements in the water. She comes from a competitive swimming background and loves teaching high level students getting ready for competition. Schedule a lesson with Ruth and take your swimming to the next level!


Languages Spoken: English and Spanish

Scott- Serving Long Beach, CA


Scott began his swimming career at the age of 7. While he developed in his skills, he moved into competitive swimming at the age of 9. He is a great teacher that has a true dedication to the sport. He works with students of all levels and works hard to getting them ready for swim team or competition. His skills allow him to perfect even the most advanced students strokes for all students! Sign up with Scott today to see why he has is 5 star reviews on our Yelp page! 


Languages Spoken: English and Conversational Spanish


Cameron began swimming at the age of 6 when his parents hired someone to do private swim lessons at home. At the age of 8 he joined a competitive swim team and continued this passion for over 12 years. He taught his first swim lesson to family friends and scouts from his Boy Scout troop at age 11. It was at this moment he found his next passion in teaching and has instructed swim lessons to those close to him ever since. Cameron has bee teaching 20+ yrs of swim teaching experience ranging of all ages from 6 months to 70 years old. His passion to save lives through teaching is what he loves most in swimming. Book with Cameron if you’re a new swimmer, scared swimmer or even an old veteran who would like to fine tune their strokes. Cameron will help you achieve those goals and get you the results you need, faster! 

Languages Spoken: English and Conversational Spanish

Meet the Owner



Ricardo has been teaching families how to swim for over 18+ years, while traveling around the Bay Area to provide private swimming/fitness lessons in the comfort of his clients homes and apartment complexes for over 16+ years. Providing swimming/fitness programs that have proven results for all ages, 6-months to senior citizens. In 2011, Ricardo created the company Privateers where he set the goal to help save lives and provide residents in the Bay Area swimming&fitness lessons, 1/1 or 1/2, with FASTER results! Since then, Privateers has expanded to San Benito county and Long Beach, Ca with the #1 goal of helping their clients accomplish all of their swimming/fitness goals, FASTER! Ricardo and his Privateers team will help you take swimming/fitness to the next level. SO WHY WAIT? Sign up today!


Languages Spoken: English and Spanish

Our instructors are trained through an extensive and innovative program through Privateers that has proven results! All swim instructors are CPR/First-Aid certified and insured with a minimum of 2 years experience. All of our Personal Trainers have a degree in Kinesiology and have a minimum of 4+ years training experience or more and guarantee you faster results! Our Yoga and Aqua Fit Instructors have over 10+ years of experience.

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