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At Home Swim Lessons throughout the SF Bay Area, Long Beach, CA and San Diego, CA

Privateers Swimming & Personal Training
Our goal is to provide you better and faster results with our swim program! We provide private or semi-private classes in your own home or community pool. We customize every lesson to ensure that each student, adult or child, reaches their goals and finally accomplishes their dream of swimming independently!

Our training system is developed with current swimming techniques, psychology, physics, human mechanics, anatomy, and hydro-dynamics. On average, students over the age of 5 learn how to swim or see fitness results in 8 lessons. Our program is unlike any other so come jump on board today and sail with us on a journey to better swimming for you and the enitre family.
Swim Lessons At Home
Private Swim Lessons At Home
Private Swimming Lessons At Home
Private Swimming Lessons
Private Swimming Training
Swimming Lessons
Privateers Swimming & Personal Training
Transform yourself with our Personal Training program in your own community. We don't have gym/registration fees as you just purchase whichever package deal works best for you and our trainer will be at your service! Schedule a trainer and we'll conduct sessions anywhere in your apartment or community area! Our personal training goals are built for longevity of life and a healthier/better you! We ensure safe effective workouts that stregthen your body while reducing the chance of injury.
Our instructors will teach you workouts that you can do inside or outside of your home/community. We will customize a program to meet your specific needs. All of our instructors have their degree in Kinesiology and at least four years of training experience. They are skilled in identifying muscle groups that need strengthening and adapting exercisises to hep with past injuries.
Fitness Training
Personal Fitness Training
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Fitness Training At Home
Weightlifting exercises
At Home Fitness Training
Privateers Swimming & Personal Training
We offer Aqua Fitness classes in your own pool. This includes water aerobics, resistance training, and theraputic swimming. This program is focused on building balance, endurance, and mobility. After your first lesson you will feel the difference of your day to day mobility in and out of the pool. Our instructors that teach this program have a minimum of 10 years teaching experience and are skilled in adapting programs to injuries while rebuilding strength. 
Aqua Fitness Classes
Aqua Fitness Classes At Home
Aqua Fitness Lessons
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