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Privateers Swimming & Personal Training
Our goal is to provide you faster results in with our Swimming/Fitness lessons program. We provide 1/1 or 1/2 student classses in your own community or pool. We customize every lesson to make sure each student performs better and faster than ever before while also experiencing the Joy of swimming! 
Our training system was developed with you in mind. We based our training on current swimming techniques, psychology, human mechanics, anatomy, and fluid dynamics. Offering a scientifically proven method to teach every student swimming effectively in a timely manner. On average, students over the age of 5 learn how to swim or see fitness results in 8 lessons.
Our #1 goal is to provide you the best, so we've found you the best. In addition to our Elite instructors with 2-3+yrs experience, we now offer Star and Master trainers with 4-8+yrs experience. Our program is unlike any other so jump on board today and sail with us on a journey to better Swimming and Fitness

Swim Lessons At Home Santa Clara CA

Private Swimming Lessons
Private Swimming Training
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