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Our #1 goal is to provide you efficient and high quality results in swimming/fitness lessons. We provide private (1:1) or semi-private lessons (1:2) at your own home or community pool. We customize every lesson to make sure each student gains the benefits of swimming and fitness faster than ever before!
Our lesson program is developed with current swimming/fitness techniques, psychology, human mechanics, anatomy, and fluid dynamics in mind. On average, students over the age of 8 learn how to swim or see fitness results between 8-12 lessons.

Levels 1-4

Swimming Lessons
Lvl 1- ​Barnacle
  • Comfortable in water

  • Face in water for 3 seconds

  • Comfortable putting goggles/ fins on​

Lvl 2- ​Puddle jumper
  • Front floating position for 3-5 seconds

  • Back floating position with help

  • Back kicks (assisted)

  • Dive for ring (assisted)

  • Front kicks short distance (6 ft)

Lvl 3- Explorer
  • Kicking independently 10-15 ft w/ 2 pop ups

  • Independent kicking on back

  • Independent back floating position for 10 seconds

  • Independent dive for ring

  • Sit, dive, and return to wall​​​​​​​​​​

Lvl 4- Sailor
  • Good form on kicks (loose kicks)

  • Kick from end to end of pool (req. varies by pool size)

  • Pop up comfortably (streamline kick, pop head up to breathe using neck)

  • Good form on back kicks across pool

  • Intro dolphin kick

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