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Our #1 goal is to provide you better and faster results in swimming/fitness lessons. We provide private or semi-private classes at your own home or community. We customize every lesson to make sure each student learns the art of swimming/fitness faster than ever before!
Our training system is developed with current swimming/fitness techniques, psychology, human mechanics, anatomy, and fluid dynamics. On average, students over the age of 8 learn how to swim or see fitness results in 8 lessons. Our program is unlike any other, so Jump on board today and sail with us on a journey to better swimming and fitness that will change your life forever!
Happy girl swimming in pool

Barnacle (Level 1):
• Comfortable in water
• Face in water for 3 seconds
• Being comfortable putting goggles and fins on

Puddle jumper (Level 2):
• Front floating position for 3-5 seconds (streamline position)
• Back floating position with help
• Back kicks w/help
• Dive for ring with help
• Front kicks short distance (6 ft)

Explorer (Level 3):
• Kicking independently 10-15 ft, and do two pop ups
• Back kicking independently
• Back floating position for 10 seconds/dive for ring independently
• Sit, dive and return to wall.

Sailor (Level 4):
​​​​​​​​​​• Good form on kicks (kicks loose)
• Kick from one end to one end of pool (depends on size of pool)
• Pop ups comfortably (streamline kicking and then pop head up to breathe using neck muscles)
• Good form on back kicks across pool
• Introduction dolphin.

Image by Talahria Jensen
Advanced Swimming
Mermaid/Merman (Level 8):

• Freestyle with introduction of bilateral breathing and rhythm kick
• Backstroke while maximizing stroke length switch 2-4 kicks per arm
• Butterfly with correct timing, straight arms and undulation
• Whip kick (near perfect form)

Island Hopper (Level 9):
• Freestyle bent arms with focus on distance per stroke
• Backstroke with effective stroke and dolphin kick start
• Butterfly with focus on stroke length and minimizing splash on entry
• Breaststroke with correct timing (streamline, pulldown, breath and kick) 

Sea Traveler (Level 10):
• Freestyle w/ flip turn
• Backstroke w/ flip turn
• Butterfly start and wall push off
• Breaststroke focus on streamline and glide through the water
• Breaststroke with proper turn and finish

Privateer Master (Swim team ready):
• Butterfly

• Backstroke
• Breaststroke
• Freestyle

*200IM with Olympic form/turns on the wall.*

Intermediate Swimming

Treasure Hunter (Level 5):
• Streamline on back and front
• Tread water ten to fifteen seconds
• Dive for ring 6 ft and up
• Elementary backstroke (kicks only)

Captain (Level 6):
• Freestyle straight arms, tagging hands, w/ side breathing
• Back streamline (near perfect form)
• Dolphin
• Whip kick

​Admiral (Level 7):

• Lagging hands freestyle (straight arm, no hand touching), focus on stroke length
• Backstroke good form with arm rotation
• Dolphin Perfect Form
• Whip Kick
• Treading  for 45 seconds to one minute

Advanced Freestyle

This level focuses on distance per stroke and determining your optimal pull to kick ratio. We'll also look at the most efficient ways of shortening distance to recovery position. We'll perfect your arm pulls and kicks to make it easier to swim. The only person you'll be competing against is yourself.

Advanced Backstroke

Back stroke like a pro! In this level we teach you how to balance yourself on your back with ease. We begin by dissecting your stroke from your balance, rotation, pull and kick combination. We teach you how to be self-aware of where you are in the pool without sighting.

Advanced Butterfly

We look at each students butterfly arm stroke form and dolphin undulations order to maximize the distance per stroke and find the optimal number of strokes to get to the wall in the shortest amount of time.

Advanced Breaststroke

We develop the breaststroke by making the pull, kick, and glide a fluid motion. Then we focus on perfecting the entry from the top of your breaststroke into streamline. Our goal is to have the fastest time with the least amount of strokes.

Starts, Turns, and Finishes

Soar over competition by increasing your starts. Turn and push off faster than anyone around. Finish full body lengths ahead of everyone else by concentrating on what most swimmers ignore. By doing proper starts, turns and finishes and making them faster you will end up ahead of your competition.

(Levels can be taken in any order. The only requirement is previous knowledge of the stroke. Starts will be taught only in specific locations with proper starting blocks and pool depth.)

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