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Brandie is a dedicated professional with a passion for teaching. She brings over 20 years of invaluable experience in the field of swimming instruction. Hailing from Fremont, CA, she embarked on her aquatic journey at the age of 3 at Fremont Swim School. Displaying her aptitude for leadership, Brandie started instructing at the age of 14 and continued throughout her college years, even overseeing the operations as Ricardo's manager. Her unwavering love for working with and coaching children led her to pursue a career with Privateers when Ricardo founded the company in 2011.

Currently, Brandie holds multiple coaching positions, including coaching a collegiate women's soccer team, serving as a goalie coach for competitive youth soccer, and leading her son's recreational soccer team. As she nurtures her own children, whom she adores, Brandie has embarked on a personal and professional journey by pursuing a Master's degree in teaching and education, focusing on coaching. Her commitment to lifelong learning underscores her dedication to providing the highest level of instruction.

While Brandie excels in coaching various age groups, she particularly finds joy in teaching babies and preschoolers. Her ability to create a nurturing and engaging environment ensures that these young learners develop a strong foundation and a lifelong love for swimming.


San Francisco Bay Area, CA, USA

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