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Kelly S.


Introducing Kelly Siu, a dedicated Privateer Navigator Trainer. Kelly is a fourth-year college student at SFSU, pursuing a degree in Business Marketing with a keen interest in sales and the art of effectively promoting products.

Kelly's passion for swimming began in sixth grade, and by seventh grade, she had officially joined the YMCA swim team, continuing until the completion of eighth grade. In her freshman year of high school, Kelly took her swimming endeavors further by joining both the high school swim team and a registered USA swim team, engaging in competitive swimming and rigorous training.

Kelly's coaching journey began during her time as a high school student, seeking part-time employment. Initially offering babysitting services for nieces, nephews, and children of friends and family, Kelly expanded her offerings to include swim instruction. This led them to work with Villasports, marking the start of her journey in coaching.


San Francisco Bay Area, CA, USA

Kelly S.
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