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Kevin focuses on addressing how to complete the entire swim lesson experience from start to finish. He tries to answer what makes a swim lesson valuable at the pinnacle? After working with some of the most demanding clients from tech CEOs to athletes and celebrity-like personalities, while managing his own mobile swimming business, he realized it’s the ability to capture the entire setting of the different cultures different groups of people are accustomed to experiencing their swim lessons.

Kevin is able to capture the elements valuable to each student to deliver an extremely high standard track record for satisfactorily delivering each student’s individual desired outcomes.

Whether it’s music, interval training and pace clocks, showering the pool with a flurry of toys, or detailed distraction free meticulous lessons in a quiet classic environment to pool temperature and environment assessment to create the ideal ambiance and even suggestions for ideal pairings between students and lesson formats, the experience will be customized start to finish. Kevin is able to direct the entire experience from start to finish and not just the swim lesson itself.

Kevin’s experience was developed instructing and coaching in a diverse array of settings from the most popular chain swim schools to the most rigorous high end fitness centers and country clubs to hardcore swim clubs. Kevin discovered that every group of people within these environments have a different desired approach even within the same activity and Kevin aims to capture the elements of that environment and recreate it in its entirety, all without potentially having to drive to a swim school while preserving the highest levels of convenience.


San Francisco Bay Area, CA, USA

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